Why study in France ?

One of the world’s best education systems

The French “Grandes Ecoles” centralize the most prestigious teaching in specialized areas, mainly in business and engineering. The level is exceptionally high and graduates usually go on to fill high flying positions in the employment market. The country is also home to globally recognizable education brands, such as La Sorbonne, Sciences Po or Les Gobelins to name a few.

A globally recognized degree Institutions are consistently ranked among the world’s best and graduates are very much sought after by companies around the world. Thanks to the Bologna system, France issues qualifications (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate) that are in line with official European and worldwide standards.

Affordable tuition

Education in state run universities is free, even for international students. However, the country ‘s most famous education providers are mostly privately run. If your aim is to integrate one of France’s best private engineering or business schools, the average annual cost of tuition ranges between 4,000€ and 10,000€.

Ideal location

Apart from Paris, one of the world’s most beautiful and visited cities, France offers an unbelievable diversity of climates and landscapes. You can ski in the Alps, sail in Brittany ’s rough seas, savour the wine of the Bordeaux area or enjoy the sun across the Mediterranean coast. In 2012, QS World University Rankings selected Paris as the world’s Best Student City, taking into account the quality of life, the cost of living and global degree recognition, amongst other things.

Master one of the world’s most spoken languages

French is the 5th most spoken language in the world behind Mandarin, English, Spanish and Hindi. It is spoken fluently across Europe but also in areas as far apart as Africa and South East Asia.

10 good reasons to study in France

France has many attractive advantages :

  • 3rd hosting country for foreign students
  • 6th world power
  • A tradition of research and technological and scientific innovation of leading
  • A excellent higher education system
  • Engineering schools : a French specificity of high level
  • A country in the heart of Europe
  • A prosperous life quality
  • A cultural dynamism
  • Quality infrastructures in a protected environment
  • 1st visiting country for tourism